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Welcome to our online shop where we sale the best collection of pax era THC AND CBD pods available for sale at the best prices. Our THC Pax  have high percentage of tetrahydorcannobinol, which is suitable for medical marijuana users.
One the other hand, our CBD Pax Era contain a higher concerntration of CBD which is good for cancer patients and many other patients. Nicotine Pax Era  also available in our collection for regular cigarette smokers who want to try something new.

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We deliver to all States. Just place your order, checkout then relax.

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What are Pax Era Pods?

PAX’s Simple Click units are planned explicitly for use with the PAX Era. These cases come pre-loaded up with concentrated cannabis oil from one of the brand’s 50+ concentrate accomplices. There are at present in excess of 250 unique sorts of cannabis oil accessible in PAX Era Pods. To track down an approved PAX retailer close to you, utilize this convenient store finder apparatus!

How do PAX Pods Work?

When a PAX Era pod is inserted into the device, it makes contact with the battery, powering the pod’s internal heating element. Inside each pod there are two 2mm silica wicks, designed to capture every bit of concentrate so no material is wasted. The heating element and dual-wick system are contained within a leak-resistant and clog-resistant housing, which is capped off with an attached mouthpiece. When inserted into the battery, simply inhale on the mouthpiece to power the heating element, instantly vaporizing your cannabis oil without pressing any buttons.

When the PAX Era detects a pod inserted into the device, the LED indicator will light up with a downward sweeping motion so you know the pod is properly inserted. Similarly, when a pod is removed, the LED light will sweep upward.

To enter the device’s Temp Set mode, shake the device and then remove the pod. The LED indicator will light up to indicate the current temperature and begin cycling through the other settings accessible without the PAX mobile app. When it displays the temperature setting you would like to select, reinsert the pod.

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We put our customers first because they are our first line of advertisement. If not satisfied with our service just report back and we will handle your problem with urgency 

How long do PAX Pods Last?

Every PAX Era case contains .5g of cannabis oil. Contingent upon the size of your puffs, a case can uphold somewhere in the range of 300 and 500 puffs. Nonetheless, this is a flawed estimation of how long a PAX Era unit keeps going in light of the fact that, normally, everybody’s norm “puff size” is unique. These components are key in deciding what amount of time it requires for the material inside a case to be exhausted:

Meeting length: Longer meetings by and large utilize more material. The more you puff on your PAX Era, the more cannabis oil will be disintegrated. More limited meetings are bound to save material.

Draw size: The strength and length of your breathe in will likewise impact how much material is disintegrated. Since the PAX Era warms up as you draw on the gadget, longer draws keep a higher temperature for more. This implies you are utilizing more cannabis oil with each puff.

Temperature setting: More material is utilized on higher temperature settings. This is on the grounds that a higher temperature builds the measure of material disintegrated. Bringing down the temperature setting offers one more approach to ration cannabis oil during a meeting.

Taken together, these three elements impact how long you can save a unit. Assuming you need to protect material, think about short meetings, light puffs, and lower temperatures.