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Jack Frost Single Origin Pax Pod

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Jack Frost Single Origin Pax Pod
Cool yet cozy like its name, this sativa-dominant hybrid radiates invigorating aromas of earthy pine and hearty wood. Stemming from iconic lineages of Jack Herer. White Widow and Northern Lights #. Jack Frost is a perfect storm of social influence that’s ideal for energetic conversation and best enjoyed in the morning or daytime among friends.

Single Origin Cartridges are cultivated and curated from a single strain of cannabis, grown seasonally in limited quantities by Bloom Farms’ network of artisan farmers. These premium vape cartridges contain nothing but CO2-extracted, all-natural cannabis oils and terpenes derived from those very same plants. Bloom Farms uses only quality hardware in their products. Every cartridge is FDA-grade and BPA-free, and equipped with an embedded heating element that warms oil gently for a potent, consistent vapor.

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Get cozy on a cool winter morning with Jack Frost by Bloom Farms! Bred from a strong lineage of Jack Herer, White Widow and Northern Lights #5 and bred for 5 years. Before introducing Rainbow Kashmiri to the mix. Aromas of limonene, with a woody, cedar-like, earthy flavor impart an energetic and social high that may be best enjoyed in the morning or daytime among friends. Interestingly, some have also described Jack Frost as enhancing their sense of touch.

Average Potency: 82% THC, 0.65% CBD

The Bloom Farms brand is a mainstay at Ganja Goddess because they believe, as we do, that cannabis can be used to enhance your life in meaningful ways. Their safe, responsibly-grown cannabis is meticulously lab-tested for purity and consistency. And they actively work to improve the community by reducing harmful stigmas. And through the donation of over 1 million meals to people in need. Bloom Farms is committed to providing some of the cleanest cannabis oils on the market, produced ethically and with care in California.

Each Bloom Farms Jack Frost Cartridge contains 0.5g (500mg) of oil.

Bloom Farms Highlighter Cartridges are most compatible with Bloom Farms Batteries. But will also work with most other 510-threading batteries, especially those that are breath-activated.

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  1. James Blackmann

    I literally got the feeling I was looking for

  2. Frank mill

    I Enjoyed the trip I need more

  3. Kenvin von

    This is the real deal

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